"I was switching careers to tech when a friend introduced me to Ingrid. I was having a hard time getting traction in the job market as I did not have enough experience. Ingrid was amazing at giving me an insight into the job market landscape and teaching me ways to get more experience and more job interview opportunities. I ended up getting a few offers and Ingrid was able to provide great advice about the pros and cons of each offer. Ingrid is encouraging, enthusiastic, competent, and capable, I'm very thankful that I was able to work with her!"

John Leibowitz, Software Engineer, Payscale

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Why is job-seeking so frustrating and difficult?

It shouldn't be. 

I'm Ingrid, and I'm here to educate, simplify and, de-mystify the job-seeking process.

Instead of never-ending coaching sessions or pointless lessons in "Personal Branding" or "Growth Hacking" I offer practical, immediate and easy-to-implement strategies and solutions to your job hunt. 

In Just One Hour with Ingrid, You Will:

Understand the role of recruiters

Learn how to effectively network

Write the best possible resume for each job

Learn what to say and not say about your skills and experience

Learn how to successfully change industries

Find out which job postings/companies are actually hiring and which are not

Create realistic expectations

Deal with ghosting and rejection


Who is Ingrid Johnson?

Ingrid is a single mom from Seattle, WA. In just a year she grew her LinkedIn following from zero to over 40,000 with her no-nonsense, straightforward approach to recruiting and job seeking. 

Ingrid is the Founder and CEO of Talent Savant, the world's first mission-based staffing firm with the lowest-in-the-industry-low 10% direct hire fees.  Under Ingrid's guidance, Talent Savant is the first staffing firm to offer full-transparency with job-seekers on the role of recruiting agencies.

Today, Ingrid successfully advises job-seekers from around the globe.